Your Summer Newsletter 2021

Domestic Abuse Champions & What is Financial Abuse?



You may recall in our January newsletter earlier this year we mentioned being part of a pilot programme to educate business professionals about Domestic Abuse to help support their staff. 

This is part of efforts being undertaken by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) and Public Health. 

We have extended our involvement in this programme by identifying another Champion to provide mortgage support to those experiencing Domestic Abuse. 

Mortgage specialist, Niamh Byrne has been trained to understand the particular challenges of facing those experiencing financial abuse and providing confidential free of charge support. 

We asked Desley Whillians, Independent Domestic Violence Adviser, a few questions about Financial Abuse.

What is Financial Abuse?

When one person deprives their partner of financial resources or the ability to make money. 

This creates financial dependency, which is a way to control them or prevent them from leaving the relationship. 

This could involve, but is not limited to not letting him/her know about or have access to family income; making him/her ask for money; giving him/her an allowance or taking money and/or property without consent

Is it a money issue or financial abuse?

Expecting your partner to stick to a budget could just be wise money management and limiting spending or designating a person to handle the finances is okay IF both parties agree to the arrangement. 

However, unreasonably withholding funds by using phases such as “I’m just trying to be smart with money” is financial abuse. 

Vastly uneven resources, especially if only one person is deciding the allocation, is an indication of excessive financial control.

How should we think about money in a relationship?

In a healthy partnership, both individuals should have access to the resources they need and both partners should have access to resources and an equal say in financial decisions.

Desley, a personal question, tell us about the song you’ve recorded making waves online?

Yes, I have written and recorded a song and video about Domestic Abuse to raise the profile of what it is, who it affects and how to get help. 

I wanted to try to reach those harder to reach who maybe aren’t going out regularly to work and school or seeing friends and family. 

The song has been picked up by local radio stations and is already having a positive impact which I am so very pleased to see. 

Please do listen to it and feel free share it on your platforms too. 

You can access Desley’s song here. 

To reach out for Financial Support please do not hesitate to contact any of our Champions or Desley directly. 

Niamh Byrne | 01905 723 058 |

Piers Meptsed | 01905 731 864 |

Angela Whillians | 01905 731 864 |