Come retirement, you reap what you sow


Hindsight, they say, is a wonderful thing and that is certainly true for many retirees struggling financially. Diligent planning at the earliest opportunity, however, can make all the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement and enduring a regretful one.

Retirement regrets

Research constantly shows that people typically leave retirement planning too late and regret not saving more across their working lives. For instance, a survey1 recently revealed one in five people expect to leave planning for their retirement until they are aged at least 60. Another study2 found almost half of over-50s regret not saving into a pension sooner, while nearly two thirds wished they had made larger contributions at an earlier stage. These findings vividly highlight the need for more people to take control and prioritise retirement planning earlier in their working lives.

Pension blind spots

Other research3 has revealed the cost of being kept in the dark on key pension details, with over three-quarters of people not knowing how much they pay in pension fees. Additionally, a third of pension holders are unaware of their pension’s risk profile, with a similar proportion invested in low-risk funds. This lack of awareness in relation to fees and investment choices is estimated to cost an average pension holder around £120,000 over their working life.

Engagement gap

The lack of engagement has led the Association of British Insurers and Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association to launch an industry campaign to boost people’s understanding of pensions. The campaign, which is due to run this autumn and winter, will aim to raise awareness of various pension-related issues so that more people can ultimately enjoy a better standard of living in retirement.

Help at hand

While current everyday financial pressures can make saving a difficult task, it is clearly imperative not to neglect your pension if you do want to avoid retirement regrets. We can help you take control to ensure you are able to enjoy the happy and fulfilling retirement you deserve.


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